© Boerne Citizens Against Truck Stops Stop Boerne City Council From Annexing 28 Acres For Flying J Truck Stop Proposed Location Click On Map To Enlarge      Per their privacy statement, your email address will NOT be shared by iPetitions.com. The next key date is Feb 12th; this is when the council will next address the matter. In the meantime, we need as many signatures on the petition as possible. The results will be shared with the council Feb12th.   Thank you for your support…and please feel free to share this petition link as you see fit!     TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!! WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP: 1.  Sign our Petition. (Click On Link Below Next to Green Button To Sign Petition)   www.ipetitions.com/petition/boerne-area-residents-against-the-flying-j/  The petition password is “BCATS”. In the Comments box, please indicate whether you live within or outside the Boerne city limits, and, if agreeable, your physical address. 2. Share this information with everyone you know in the area. 3. Send an email to the Boerne City Council Members: Jeff Haberstroh:  jhaberstroh@ci.boerne.tx.us Nina Woolard:  nwoolard@ci.boerne.tx.us J. Kuper:  jkuper@ci.boerne.tx.us Ron Cisneros:  rcisneros@ci.boerne.tx.us Christina Bergman:  cbergmann@ci.boerne.tx.us All Members:  ccouncil@ci.boerne.tx.us 4. Stop by and visit with the council members to discuss your concerns.  It is easy to delete an email.  It is much harder to dismiss a face to face conversation.  5. Come to the next City Council Meeting on Tuesday, Feb 12th, 2013. ALERT Boerne City Council Meeting Tuesday, Feb 12th, 2013 6:00 PM Municipal Court Offices at 124 Old San Antonio Road --------------------------------- We need as many city residents to speak as possible.